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Winter: Welcome

I have always loved the circus. The outfits, the excitement, the electricity in the air, watching humans do seemingly impossible things.

I am equally intrigued with the darker side of such shows - carnivals, 'freak shows', places where misfits and outsiders gather to be a spectacle for the 'common folk'.

The underbelly of society is generally what piques my interest - people and things cast aside, no longer deemed to have purpose - this is where the most interesting stories lie. 

I guess I'm intrigued by the co-existence of darkness and light that is present in most humans.

The shiny glamour on the face of it and those parts that lurk in the darkness, just out of reach.

I think this contradiction in life generally influences my work, but when I happened upon the ceramic oddities of Petra, I knew a collection was born!

And thus, my first offerings for my October release of my winter collection - Carnival - are here!!

Winter: Image


You can see the designs on my Instagram.

Winter: Portfolio

As we head towards the Winter solstice and the shortest day in the year, cultures all over the world celebrate the annual turning point from darkness towards light, and in Ireland, in Newgrange, a 5000 years old monument was built to celebrate that sunrise, and that can still be experienced today.

My fascination with dark and light embodied in this one day, and these celebrations delight, attract, and fascinate, just like charms do.

And this forms the basis of my second selection for my December release of my winter collection - Charms - are here!!

Winter: Image


You can see the designs on my Instagram.

Winter: Portfolio

I LOVE when someone just falls in love with a piece I have made – it is such a great feeling to know that you have made something that resonates with someone else.

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