This is my time of year .. the thinnest the veil between our world and the fairy world is .. and the magic of the other world comes through. 

This is the inspiration for my Halloween Collection.

Warrior Queen Collection

Pieces that feel good to wear and that you reach for time and time again. 


I LOVE when someone just falls in love with a piece I have made – it is such a great feeling to know that you have made something that resonates with someone else.


My name is Kat. I am a self-taught metalsmith and jewellery designer from Belfast. I am the sole owner / designer / creator of the jewellery brand Fire and Fire, which was launched in 2020.

I came into jewellery design and silversmithing first as a hobby, and a desire to create unique and interesting jewellery for myself.

As soon as I picked up a torch and started creating, I was hooked! I started promoting my work online and at the end of the summer 2020 my jewellery brand, Fire and Fae, was born.

(Fire for the forging of the metal and fae for the rich Celtic faery mythology).



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