Summer Of Love



After the last 15 months that we have all experienced who couldn’t do with a little more love in their lives?!

Summer Of Love

The Summer of Love collection features a variety of gorgeous faceted garnets – one of my favourite stones – a stone that has long been connected to love, passion and sexuality.

Summer Of Love

The name ‘garnet’ comes from the Latin ‘Garanatus’ meaning seedlike, in reference to a pomegranate.

Summer Of Love

In Greek mythology, a pomegranate is referenced as a gift of love and is associated with eternity.

Summer Of Love

Garnet is symbolic of a quick return and separated love, since Hades had given Persephane a pomegranate, before she left him, to ensure her speedy return.

Summer Of Love

Therefore garnet may be given to a loved one before a trip, as it is believed to heal the broken bonds of lovers.


I have paired these glittering babes with a selection of more monochrome stones, which means this collection really packs a punch!

Summer Of Love

Dendritic agate is a stone that encourages the acceptance of one’s origin and the connection to the natural states of the universe.


Fossilised Palm Root grounds us deeply into the natural kingdom. It brings protection to the body and encourages harmonious balance between our physical and spiritual life.


You can view & download the campaign PDF here


My name is Kat. I am a self-taught metalsmith and jewellery designer from Belfast. I am the sole owner / designer / creator of the jewellery brand Fire and Fire, which was launched in 2020.

I came into jewellery design and silversmithing first as a hobby, and a desire to create unique and interesting jewellery for myself.

As soon as I picked up a torch and started creating, I was hooked! I started promoting my work online and at the end of the summer 2020 my jewellery brand, Fire and Fae, was born.

(Fire for the forging of the metal and fae for the rich Celtic faery mythology).

Summer Of Love

I LOVE when someone just falls in love with a piece I have made – it is such a great feeling to know that you have made something that resonates with someone else.



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