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Anti-Valentine's Collection

An Alternative Valentine Revolution?

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Let’s get one thing straight – you’re worth love the whole year around, whether that’s just you being happy with you, having someone else love you, or loving someone who is special to you.

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As we approach the 14th February it can do strange things to people, from displays of excessive mushiness and desperate spend-stress on one side through to pathetic last-minute forecourt flowers and the once-a-year token gesture on the other. Don't get me wrong - genuine heartfelt Valentines can mean something, and does to many people.

But we should recognise this thing called Valentine’s Day for what it is – a day created to get people to spend money.

When you make things to sell you have to have a focus on times of year when people are looking for things to buy.

I make pieces of art in the hope that a person will find something special enough to make them want to own one, or buy one for someone they care about.

So Valentine’s Day is a strange one for me .. I need to hook onto this date and event because people are on the hunt to buy things, but I have to say that I feel uncomfortable with the over-arching theme attached to it - namely that you should spend money and display your affection for just one day a year.

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So I’d like to suggest an alternative approach. Me, and many artists, artisans, independent retailers make things all year around, for beautiful people who are looking for beautiful things. Whether it’s a special treat just for you, or you’re looking for that special thing for that special other person in your life you can, and should, spread that love around the year.

Don’t feel pressured to buy something just now because it’s Valentine’s Day – just know that me, and plenty of others, are here all year round, and we’d love to help you share your love at any time of year.

And if Valentine’s Day is your kind of thing, then enjoy it with all of your heart too .. just know that it isn’t the end all be all for that lovely heart of yours or your special other person.

My jewellery is available ALL YEAR ROUND. 

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I LOVE when someone just falls in love with a piece I have made – it is such a great feeling to know that you have made something that resonates with someone else.

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